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Artifact: Control Panel, #8, Lunar Module Ascent Stage

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Identifier: A20130011
Artifact Category: Spacecraft Hardware
Period of Employment: March 3 1969 to December 14 1972
Manufacturer: Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp (GAEC)
NASA Contract Number: NAS9-1100
Spacecraft/Launch Systems: Lunar Module

Aluminum, Copper, Beta Cloth, High Temperature RTV

Dimensions: 31 x 13 Inches
Weight: 12 Pounds (Estimated)
Flight Vehicle System or Component: Controls and Displays
Program: Apollo
Flown Status: Unflown

Lunar Module Control Panel #8, mounted to the left of the Commander's station, The panel contains switches to actuate the Explosive Devices Subsystem,Descent Propulsion and Audio.

This panel was a test article, and includes thermal couples used to evalute performance when exposed to simulated vibration and temperature extreme's. While a number of switches are no longer present, the rear of the panel retains intact most of the electrical umbilicles and beta cloth covered connectors.

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